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Camella Avisea is no less an ideal residential community where residents enjoy the quality and affordable houses at a much lower price. This is what Avida Land is known for. The presence of Camella Avisea near the northern boundary of Caloocan adds value to this part of Metro Manila. This residential community is literally located on the outskirts of Metro Manila and this is where life is most quiet yet progressive. 

Camella Avisea is always a great residential community for those who want to own their own house and lot after years of paying rental fees for a residence which will never be theirs. With the affordability of Camella Avisea and with the availability of various easy-payment options, it would be much easier this time for people to own a unit at Camella. 

Should you be interested in knowing the details of Camella Avisea and all the other details on how to avail of the soft loan packages which will help you acquire a property here, fear no more because we are here to assist you with that. We are a team of licensed real estate brokers who have been in this industry for a long period of time. Our experiences in the past – success and failures – helped us to perfect our craft. We would like to assure you of our shared passion – and that is to make sure that our clients are assisted in reaching their dreams. We are here to make sure that you are making an informed choice and we are here to ensure that your investment is fully protected and your interest is well represented at all time. 

We are available 24/7 to assist you with this. We will also be assigning you one Camella Avisea in-house agent to ensure the spontaneity and fluidity of your transaction with us. Simply hit the CHAT BUTTON to start an interaction or you may call us the mobile phone numbers indicated below. 


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