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Camella Avisea is a perfect picture of a residential community that has the best features and has few of the most needed amenities in a community.

Here the list of these features and recreational facilities: 

  • Entrance & Exits Secured with a Guard House: The entrance and Exit gates are located in one place but separated by a guard house. This ensures that incoming and outgoing cars and visitors are fully monitored as they are logged in by security personnel. Our shifting security men are well trained. 
  • Perimeter Fences for Security Purposes: Camella Avisea would like to maintain the exclusivity and the privacy of the entire residential community. The presence of perimeter fences will deter unauthorized entrances which may cause crimes and other unwanted incidences. 
  • Well-constructed Drainage system: Camella residential communities are always safe in times of extreme weather conditions because of its signature well-built underground drainage system. For one, Camella Avisea is expected to be safe from floods or from rising surface run-offs because the drainage system here is fully functional. Even during a heavy downpour of rain, its access roads will truly remain safe and passable. 
  • Club House: The clubhouse is a common place where families, friend, and the entire community can spend their private and exclusive affairs. The clubhouse is a perfect place for weddings, for birthday parties, anniversaries and other events. Community affairs and gatherings can be hosted at the clubhouse, too. 
  • Swimming Pool: The pool is always an excellent family bonding place especially on weekends or at night. But Camella’s pool is also designed for a greater socialization place for friends and neighbors to know each other or spend time together.  
  • Children’s Playground and Park: Camella Avisea’s children’s playground and the park is located in a place where growing trees serve as shelter. The children’s playground is also full of kid stuff like slides, swings, etc. This is a much safer place for your kids to enjoy on weekends and during school off. Children will be able to socialize with fellow kids at an early age at their own pacing. This is a good place for your children to start their “social functions” by making friends with other kids. 
  • Gazebo: Gazebo near the children’s can be of multiple uses. This can hold the older ones who oversee the kids playing or this can also be used by some who would like to spend quiet moments to meditate. With trees all over, everywhere you look within this community is a perfect meditation place. 
  • Trees, grasses and other green plants: Camella Avisea carries the trademark of being an Avida Land creation thus the presence of a rich green vegetation all over the place is there. These plants and massive greeneries help filter air and provide that comforting cool residential environment.
  • Clubhouse 
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool
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